Popular Organizing Solutions

I always try and work with items a client already owns when organizing. However, there are times when a client’s space would benefit from purchasing certain organizing solutions.

Last year showcased a lot of organizing trends, but there are a few products I always came back to time after time to finish a client’s space. These solutions continue to be invaluable to each of my clients specific needs and guarantees they will be able to maintain the work we did together.

I have no doubts I’ll continue to use these products in the new year and can’t wait to see what other solutions emerge for 2016.

Shelf DividerShelf Divider

An inexpensive item with big impact!  Shelf dividers can be used at the top of you closet to divide those piles of folded clothes or to divide your purses so they all stay upright. You can pick these up from a number of places, Amazon, Container Store or Organizing Store.

*Best benefit: To ensure piles stay neatly organized and don’t fall into one another forming a large lump of clothes.




Walnut3TGripShoeRackShoe Rack:

Purchasing the right shoe rack is important, it helps keep your floor space clear, enforces your shoes stay put and saves you time when getting ready.  Your shoes do a lot of work for you, treat them right! Throwing them on the floor of your closet with the rest of your shoes isn’t cutting it.

*Best benefit: My favorite shoe rack expands so you can customize it to your closet adding more shoes if possible, win!



PullDownSpiceRackSpice Rack:

Remember that time you trekked to the store to buy chili powder only to realize later you have three other bottles in the back of your cabinet? Spice racks and trays will help keep all of your bottles in order so you always know exactly what you have and how much.

*Best benefit: Being able to see all of the spices you have means you don’t end up buying more of a certain spice. Bonus points for being able to use this for other items, like nail polish or medicine. 




Drawer Dividers:

Dresser drawers only have so much space and packing it full of clothes that aren’t properly folded will result in just one big lump of t-shirts. Making it difficult to know what you have to wear. Getting drawer dividers is similar to shelf dividers, it helps keep piles in one place. You can divide things up- be it short sleeve, long sleeve and tanks.

*Best benefit: Multi purpose, these drawer dividers can be used in the kitchen as well. Say goodbye to that cluttered mess of a utensils drawer.



Pot Lid OrganizerLid/Pot lid organizer:

Pot lids or Tupperware are the pits. It can be hard to keep lids organized when they constantly clank around and move when you’re just reaching for one. You can purchase a few of these to tackle your pot lids, cutting boards and Tupperware. You can pick some up at Amazon, Bed bath or Walmart and finally say goodbye to lid chaos.

*Best benefit: This will save you space and time. Having all of your kitchen items together and organized means you can prep and cook quickly and clean up is a breeze.

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