Household Hacks


When life at home feels out of sorts, creating organized systems is our go-to way to harness the chaos and maximize the efficiency of our space. Getting your home organized, or sprucing up existing systems, can be as simple as repurposing items you likely already have lying around the house! These are a few of our favorite household hacks to keeping life at home sorted:

Mason Jars 

Masons Jars are a classic go-to item for food storage, but we love using them for the perfect balance between style and function when items need to be sorted out in the open. Grab an extra mason jar (or any reusable glass jar/vase) to organize utensils on the kitchen counter if you’re short on drawer space. Stylishly hold make-up brushes, or store pens and pencils in your home office or crafting space.

Tape & Sharpies 

An organizing session usually involves your favorite organizing team swooping in with their trusty label makers to put the final touches on fresh new systems, but in a pinch, a sharpie and scotch or painters tape will do the trick. Whether you’re labeling boxes, shelves, or bins, creating labels is a great way to ensure that all your organizing work is maintained by everyone in your household.

Binder clips 

Tech devices…while we love our devices for making our lives easier and keeping us connected, we could do without the mess of cords and cables lurking behind our furniture. Binder clips are a great way to organize a sea of plugged-in cords or to keep extra cords neatly coiled and stored. Extra points for labeling your organized cords with tape and sharpies.

Shoe boxes 

Shoe boxes, or any mid-sized cardboard box, are a great way to corral items into drawers and shelves. From socks, travel toiletries to Tupperware lids, repurposed boxes are no one-trick pony! Ditch the lid of the box to make sure the contents are visible and don’t hesitate to get creative with paper, paint, or any other crafting items to help the box fit the aesthetic of the space it’s in!


Whether you are sorting your cold-weather closet or switching shoes into off-season storage, rolled up magazines are a great way to make sure your boots stay upright! Keeping your boots upright ensures their shape and material last longer.

Shower Hooks for Jeans

To free up shelf space and ensure you no longer have to play the jean-Jenga-game, use shower curtain hooks wide enough to fit on your closet rod and hang your jeans from their belt loops. Using hooks allows your jeans to hang without taking up a lot of space and will also air your jeans out, between washes!

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