How To Perfect Your Seasonal Clothing Swap

It’s seasonal swap time! Whether you are short on storage and swapping out clothing is your only choice, or you’re not a huge fan of seeing your sundresses hang next to your winter coats… A seasonal swap is a great time to take inventory of what you have and to get excited about the change in weather! Here are some tips to help your transition run smoothly:




Swap Before You Shop

It’s tempting to start looking for new items to update your cold-weather wardrobe by the end of August when all the fall clothing collections and pre-season sales have already hit the stores – resist if you can! A clothing swap is a perfect time to take inventory of the seasonal items already in your wardrobe. We encourage you to take a look at what you already have before you start buying new items to avoid filling your closet with pieces you might not need or already have.


Be Ready To Purge

As you take stock of what you have, you’ll inevitably find items that you never ended up wearing or no longer fit your lifestyle. Be ready to create a “donate” or “sell” pile for those summer items that didn’t get that much love or the winter items that you don’t see yourself wearing this year and could be put to great use in someone else’s hands.


Seasonal v. Transitional

There is no question that as the weather gets colder, the beach cover-ups go into off-season storage and the cozy sweaters come out to play…but what to do with all of those versatile items that you wear off and on throughout the year? Identify the staples in your wardrobe that serve you year-round so the only things that get packed away in storage are what you’re positive you won’t need for months.


Swappable Spaces & Proper Storage

Depending on your style and storage setup you can create swappable spaces within your closet or dresser for year-round essentials. Consider a drawer that alternates between housing shorts in the summer and thick sweaters in the winter, or a hanging section of your closet designated for summer dresses and winter coats, depending on the season. If you choose to pack away or store your seasonal items in bins make sure to choose an airtight container to ward off any dust and dirt. Throwing in a few moth repellents will also ensure your pieces stay intact. Don’t forget to label your bins so you know what category is where!

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