Jewelry Organization

Jewelry can be a pain to keep organized. You have tiny pieces that are always at risk of becoming a knotted, tangled mess! Everyone has a certain “order” to how they set up their jewelry and for some, no matter the order, their jewelry always ends up in one giant clump.

Not everyone has the time nor the patience or wallet to keep valuables organized like they are Pinterest-perfect. So lets talk about inexpensive solutions you can buy and even repurposing things you already own to organize your jewelry.


Apothecary or Cookie Jars

IMG_0110Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to jewelry organization. Apothecary and cookie jars make for great jewelry storage, as they are clear and large enough to hold a decent amount of items. You can store your bangles, bracelets, or brooches and rest assured you have proper storage that looks cute as well!









Teacups and Plates

IMG_0106Teacups get a multi purpose use when you utilize them for your jewelry. You can store smaller, daintier bracelets and rings inside personalized teacups without taking up a lot of space. Not a fan of tea? Use ring plates to stack your rings and other jewelry you wear daily. Storing those everyday pieces in the same place builds a routine so you always know where they are.








Wall Display

IMG_8058Who says jewelry can’t be art too? Find unexpected ways to hang your jewelry and have it be a centerpiece in your room. Choosing antique door-knobs, hooks, or even an octopus can be a fun way to hang items. Using a wall display helps keep necklaces from getting knotted or tangled and ensures you can see everything you have.









Egg Rack

imageSort your earrings using an egg rack. You can divide and conquer using each holder for studs, cocktail, and dangling earrings. This helps keeps things separated and organized so you don’t risk loosing things or having them jumble together. If you feel like going the DIY route you can take a real egg carton spray paint it your favorite color and bam, your earrings have a new home. You can keep this out as a cute accent piece or in a dresser drawer.

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