Four Must Have Entryway Products



When it comes to your entryway, staying organized and sane is a must. It’s the first place you enter and want to put down your things. You can easily achieve order, function and design with 4 simple affordable products.


One. Mail organizer Every home needs a mail organizer and your kitchen counter does not count! Focus on a solution that has more than one slot to put in-coming mail as well as anything out-going or timely.

Two. Hooks- Every season brings new accessories and there will always be a need to hang those items. Being able to buy individual hooks helps customize how many and where you’d like to place them for each individual in your household.

Three. Bins Invest in bins to store shoes, extra hats or sporting equipment in your entry way to help cut down on visible clutter. Going for plastic or rubber bins over cloth or whicker ensures its easier to clean and maintain in the long run.

Four. Bench No one wants to sit on the floor or hop on one leg to put their shoes on. Having a bench in your entryway not only provides a nice design touch but can be a home base for setting down groceries, packages and storing shoe bins and family accessories.

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