Playroom Must Have Solutions


Playrooms are a difficult area in any home to keep clean and organized. Kids lack the know-how depending on the age, to read and understand what labels mean.

The key to any successful playroom is containment! Bins, desks, and bookshelves with lids, doors and tops are a must. Being able to easily put things away while also keeping a lid on it, means if you’re sharing your adult space with your kids that it doesn’t look like Toys R Us exploded in the living room. Keeping things neutral also allows for pops of color with their art work, rugs and other fun decorative touches.

One. Desk– Every kid needs a place to do arts and crafts and eventually their homework. The IKEA PS 2014 is an  affordable and sleek desk for any space. Having the folding leaf saves space and allows for you to keep the necessities inside which prevents clutter unlike large desks with multiple drawers.

Two. Hamper– Large toys, dress up clothes and masks take up a lot of room. Using woven hampers are a great resource for any playroom to house unruly items. Hampers tend to be cheaper than larger woven bins but have the same look. Opt for ones with tops so you can easily conceal items.

Three. Bins– My latest obsession from the Container Store are the Nordic baskets. They are durable and come with wooden tops that are simple for kids to put back on. Easy to clean if any markers or paints leak out and you can easily label them or clip on pictures, helping younger children develop literacy skills.

Four. Bookshelf– A playroom would not be complete without some type of bookshelf. If you have younger kids, having a lower bookshelf is important. They should be able to pull things out themselves as well as put things back, which helps invoke organizational habits. What I love about the KALLAX bookshelf is it already comes with doors on the bottom shelf, making it easy to store larger puzzles, books or unappealing art supplies. The wheels also allow for mobility around the room as the kids tastes and activities change in the future.

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