2 Years Of Being A Lady Boss


November marks 2 years since I started Sorted by Anna full-time. I remember  first setting out on this path, blindly navigating entrepreneurship, essentially running with the mantra of, “fake it ‘til you make it.”

My first year was all about surviving, my second year was about growth. How can I become a better organizer? How can I grow my business? Where do I see my business going in the future? It can, at times, feel extremely overwhelming because the reality is for a lot of those questions, the answers aren’t so clear. At least not at first.

To spare everyone from a sappy, deep internal monologue, I’ve created a list of wins and challenges which occurred this past year. I am already eager to look back at these next year to see what has transpired.


  • Adding home staging to my services
  • Adding interior/commercial design to my services
  • Perfecting my folding technique to an obscene OCD level
  • Interviewed for an entrepreneur book
  • Other professionals inquiring how to become an organizer   
  • Increasing moving clients
  • Doubled annual income
  • Meeting other amazing women business owners


  • Expanding more education with design
  • Expanding client base outside of NYC
  • Increasing productivity on tasks that do not excite me
  • Creating a strategy for consistent creation and engagement for social accounts
  • Self doubt
  • Not being open enough to change
  • Pitching more article content to publications
  • Being ok with asking for help

Here’s to being the best damn lady boss I can. Happy anniversary, Sorted by Anna!

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