Perfection: noun

the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

We all strive for it, we devote our time and energy to cooking perfectly, decorating perfectly or working perfectly. It’s exhausting.

In my line of work perfection is what people desire. Pinterest makes it seem so easy to achieve that tidy living room or that drool-worthy walk-in closet. There’s this false sense of reality, a Pinterest perfect filter, that majority of the time, won’t stick. Not because we are failures, but because for most people, it’s not sustainable — it’s not reality.

I recently posted a photo of a closet I worked on with a client. I was inspecting the photo later thinking to myself, “Hmm I should have moved that box there or I should move those items to that shelf as it would be more seamless, more ‘perfect’.” I quickly realized I wasn’t doing myself any favors with those thoughts. I was pushing my version  of perfection onto my client. They were pleased and loved their new sorted closet and that is most important. They were able to live with it and maintain it, not me. 

I could make things look “Pinterest Perfect” but clients don’t call me to achieve perfection because, quite simply, they are not. They are prone to clutter, bulk items and “junk-drawers.” They won’t be able to maintain perfection. Making sure each client’s lifestyle and personalty is taken into consideration is “perfect” because its realistic.

Understanding where you have clutter issues and trying to improve is one thing, trying to force yourself into this perfect tidy little hole will only leave you feeling even more deflated.

Do yourself a favor, don’t strive for “Pinterest Perfect”, strive for what a perfect reality is for you. It’s still something I’m striving for myself!

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