I started Sorted by Anna in 2014. I was burnt out working my corporate job in marketing and found my way to organizing by helping friends and family in their homes. It didn’t take long for me to realize just how much I loved to help people take back their space and find functionality once again. I had no idea what would happen but I knew I needed to make the leap and start my own organizing business.

Throughout the years we’ve created long-lasting relationships with our clients. Seeing them through various stages be it, engagements, pregnancies, and big moves.

As time has gone by our team has grown but our process and what drives us has remained the same. To solve organizational problems and create systems in a realistic way. With professional organization booming thanks to Marie Kondo and The Home Edit- we’ve seen firsthand how challenging it was for busy families, and business professionals to try and maintain “societal perfection.”

Sorted & Co.’s goal is to showcase real life. To acknowledge that messes happen to us all but with the right systems in place, you can re-set with ease instead of feeling stuck. Throughout the site we showcase our clients in their homes, using the systems we’ve implemented. Highlighting work that feels human and not staged.

While I’m working a bit more behind the scenes, our team of organizers is leading the way. It was important to me to pivot and showcase our company as a whole and in doing so, changing the name to reflect that. I may no longer be a one-person operation, but the values and principles that have guided me to where we are now remain the same.

We look forward to working with our clients new and old. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Sorted & Co. 

-Anna Bauer (Founder)